Los premios de la temporada 2013-14 de la NBA: "The 6º Man"


Bueno comenzar un blog no es fácil, sobre todo si quieres comenzar dando tu opinion sobre algo pero aquí va: para los amantes de la nba y el basketball en general…

El sexto hombre… definamoslo como un suplente cuyo aporte es vital para el equipo; trae energía, anotación, liderazgo, entre otros….

HELP MY BITCH PLEASE! he is working hard on this project of having his own blog about nba. I know that his tumblr seems pathetic and without good content but if you know spanish, and stay in his web page for a few more seconds you will discover that he is really making an effort.

just kidding he knows what he does! his tumblr is going to be great! 

please my 20 subscribers i beg you:

repost his publications and follow him

hoy por él, mañana por mí, pasado mañana por ustedes :)


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